A mindfulness process created by a Los Angeles based Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Elizabeth Winkler. Elizabeth has been teaching Heart Surgery to children as a way for them to effectively process emotions in the heart. First, children learn to nurture their tool of focus by becoming aware of how unpleasant emotions manifest in their body. Children learn to bring their focus to the heart center as an effective way to free and release emotions. Children become active participants in releasing their challenges by using their beautifully creative and open imagination when they pull their emotions from the heart in Step 4. Engaging with their imagination, curiosity, and heart fosters self-awareness, focus, attention, and empowerment for each child as they move through the process. After Heart Surgery, children transition from feeling challenged to having fun freeing their heart.
Elizabeth Winkler, founder of the Mindfulness Heart Surgery Kit
Heart Surgery Logo

The Heart Surgery Logo

The founder of Heart Surgery Kit was motivated to create a kit that would teach children as young as 5 years old how to handle their heart emotions daily. Our logo captures the essence of our teachings here at Heart Surgery Kit.  
Our logo’s heart is rainbow colored which represents the rainbow of emotions that we all experience. The eye in the rainbow heart reminds us to bring our focus to the heart so that we can free our challenges through presence.  Nurturing hands hold the rainbow heart and remind us to use our hands to help heal and free ourselves from challenging emotions. When we clear our heart we have a clear mind. May we clear hearts and minds globally through presence. 

Elizabeth Winkler, LMFT

About Our Founder

Elizabeth is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who practices in Beverly Hills, CA. She incorporates mindfulness and meditation into her practice to help accelerate her clients’ personal growth and expansion. Elizabeth calls mindfulness the bullet train to freedom because when it is integrated in the therapeutic process, clients are able to effectively process emotions and untether deeply embedded belief systems at the root.

In 2016, she created Heart Surgery Kit®, a daily mindfulness practice for children to help them process and free emotions. Elizabeth has taught the Heart Surgery process to thousands of children across the nation, as well internationally. Today, Heart Surgery Kits are being used by children all over the world, from Peru to Mexico to Sierra Leone, Africa.

In addition to this, Elizabeth has provided therapy on BRAVO and OWN. She is a featured blogger for Laura Wasser’s divorce platform, It’s Over Easy, which allows her to help individuals, couples and families mindfully untether from marriages. Elizabeth has hosted her own holistic wellness retreat, and continues to bring her mindfulness teachings into classrooms and homes, and as a guest on various podcasts and media outlets. From individuals, to families, to athletes and celebrities, her core objective is to equip each client with the tools they need to increase self-awareness and mindfulness, ensuring maximum personal growth.

Elizabeth Winkler Therapy